Tuesday, November 08, 2005

AP and the "Personal" Narrative

So since I didn't have Russian today, I hung out at school. This activity is becoming quite interesting because I realized that the people at school don't actually care what I do just so long as I'm not causing trouble. Take today for example. Period 8/9 I stood in the door of Madame's room and I said.

Me: Madame, Can I sit in on your AP class today?

Madame: Why haven't you done it all year?

Me: Because I would sit in the Library all day and I just now realized that they don't care what I do just so long as I'm not causing trouble.

Madame: Alright.

So I sat in on the AP class. Let me tell you, it's a lot more fun than french three. At the beginning of the class, they did this translation activity and then we spent the rest of the time reading this story about this haunted painting. It was really fun. In all honesty, if I don't have a car on friday (No college then this week) I'm going to be going to the AP class again. It was rather amusing and much better than sitting in the library.

I'm going to have to get off in a minute and go finish my english homework. In english, we're writing a rough draft of a personal narrative. My problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to write about. Then an opening line hit me. "As in all things, it began with water" In my opinion, that's a really good opening line. My problem was that's all I had. Now I had a choice. I could think up something else or I could start with that line and see where it takes me. So I went up to Mrs. Haynam's Desk and asked her.

Me: Mrs. Haynam, I have a problem. I don't have an idea and I don't have a purpose in telling a story. All I have is an opening line and I could start with that but I don't know where the rest of the story will take me.

Haynam: What's your opening line?

Me: As in all things, it began with water (Pause, I realize she's giving me a funny look and so I try to fix what I've said) I know we're supposed to be modeling these other essays so that's why I asked because I really have no idea where the story will take me...

Haynam: I'm interested to see where this takes you. Some people have talent and some need more structure. Go with it. (Or something to that effect)

Mrs. Haynam likes to give me funny looks. Anyway, I started and I'm not sure I like where the story has taken me. Especially when I realized it's not really a narrative. It's about a girl who gets caught in the ocean in a freak storm and I leave it that she may or may not be drowned. I was having a spaz because it almost turned out as more of a fictious story rather than a personal narrative. Then as I was writing, it hit me. It is personal. When I write random short stories or poems I've noticed that sometimes they reflect how I've been feeling lately. Only I don't realize it until after I've finished writing. Well I did that with this essay, but I realized it in the middle of creating it. I realized that the story is a personal narrative. In fact it's really personal because it symbolizes how I feel sometimes. So I'm going to write up a page that explains this and staple it to the front of the essay.

There is one other odd thing I did with this essay. I didn't write it from the first person point of view. Part of it is because I wanted to be different because I knew that everyone would be writing in the first person (it is after all a personal narrative) There was another reason too. Back when I thought the story was going to be something about me, I decided that I was going to write it in third person because I would write better. In third person, I could pretend that I wasn't the one who was doing whatever I was writing about and it would be easier to write description.

Okay, so now that I've yakked on forever, I've got to go finish the essay. Hopefully, when I get it done, I'll type it up on here. Maybe not though I'm not sure yet.

Friday, November 04, 2005

урок 4

Compared to the last chapter, Chapter four in Russian class is a piece of cake. We're probably going to have a test over it next week sometime. Basically, it's a bunch of vocab and the Accusative case which is uber easy comparted to the locative cases of adjectives. We've already been warned however, that the next unit, урок 5, is going to be really difficult. The good news is that all of a sudden, I'm picking the language up better. It kind of happened randomly, I'm not exactly sure when, but it's like my brain is finally figuring out the rhythm and sound of the language. I'm reading and pronouncing much better! Hooray!

Today in class we learned about conjunctions

как-what, how
какой-what kind
потому что-because

Each one of these has a ","(comma) in front of it (Sorry, I don't remember the Russian word for it.) I had examples of when to use the conjunctions but in all honesty I'm too tired to think of them right now.

The Spanish Test went all right. I didn't do that great, but I did do extra credit so that should boost my grade a few points.

Today at the end of French, Madame asked me and two other people who had done the National French Test practice after school last year, if we wanted to do it again. This surprised me because all of the Third and Fourth year French students take the national French test. Of course, we all said yes because it was really fun last year, it was like having French club every week. So I think I'm going to refer to it at "The National French Test Club" or NFTC for short. Madame said that she was going to invite some sophomores too. So that'll be interesting. I'm hoping that Aleta will be one of them, but I guess I'll have to wait and see...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Game Day

The Game day in Russian was pretty entertaining. It was better than sitting in class doing the usual torture. We played tic-tac-toe and every time we put an X or O on the board we had to do an assignment and then the team who won the game got extra points at the end. It was fun even though the team I was on lost and we only get three extra credit points. I think this is due to the fact that all the people who are really good in the class were all on the same team.

Other than that nothing new. We're still learning subjunctive in French. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. In Spanish we're having a test on Friday. I"m excited because in that class we're going to the computer lab tomorrow. I love days when we go to the lab in Spanish because even though we have to go to Spanish websites, it's more entertaining then sitting in class. This means I get to sit and yak at my friend Patricia for forty minutes (In spanish and english of course) Yay!