Friday, February 11, 2005

Abigail's Guide to 'Useful' French Phrases

C'est ma faut-It's my fault

N'est-ce pas?- Isn't it?

Montrez-moi où sont les toilettes s'il vous plaît!-Show me where the bathrooms are please!

Ne ma touche pas!-Don't touch me!

Les fesses- In a word, butt. We've been learning body parts

Une fessée- a spanking

Excusez-moi Madame, mais ton chien a mangé mon mari!- Excuse me madam, but you dog has eaten my husband!

La foire- The fair

Je donee à manger aux chèvres-I feed the goats

Pourquoi pas?- Why not?

Ce gratte!- It itches!

J'habite dans une boite- I live in a box

J'habite dans une boite dans le jardin.-I live in a box in the garden.

Pauvre bébé!- Poor baby

*Note* This will be updated as I learn more 'useful' french pharases.


sunset84 said...

Funny ^^

Princesse Aurore said...

haha. i used one of these lol. J'habite dans une boîte. Someone asked me if there were movies theaters in the States. So I proceeded to answer no and then proceeded to tell them that I live in a boîte. It didn't go over so well though. Noone understands that I'm sarcastic and that I like to joke. They all think that just because I say something, it has to be the truth. The girl actually asked me what happens when it rains lol. hahaha.