Friday, June 05, 2015

Why I Don't Go to Work in My Pajamas

So, when Robbie and I were getting ready to move to the great state of Indiana, the most frequent question people would ask me, after the basics of course, was something along the lines of  "So, do you have a job lined up?"

The answer was "no" but that sounds weird in this day and age so I would go "Well, actually I have a job. I write freelance copy for webpages and can do that from home..." and I would go on to explain that it was sufficient for the moment.

One of my dreams in life was to be able to stay home and write. Okay, it's kind of a recent dream. Since I was in Russia last time really. When we lived in Ohio, one of the things Robbie and I discussed was me quitting my job and writing full time. Honestly though, I was kind of scared. I more or less enjoyed the job I had and the money I made paid a few small bills and then mostly went to us doing fun stuff. It was nice. So the idea of dropping it to go full time with a freelance job/my own writing, that doesn't have anywhere near a steady schedule was a little intimidating. When we decided to move, we also it would be a good idea to try this writing thing for a while.

So here we are, two months in and my day involves sleeping in, (Robbie works afternoons) and taking care of the house, doing the odd writing job and reading. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I've probably read something like 15 books since we left Ohio. "What a great life you must lead" you might be thinking. "How wonderful that you can just stay in bed if you want, you can go to work in your pajamas!"

That's right. Except I don't. Why? you might ask. Because it's a terrible idea. You see, I am a naturally lazy person. I've realized this as I've become an adult. I mean, working it nice. It makes you money and money buys you things, but honestly, I'd rather have my time. Time to do things. So, if Abigail were to stay in her pajamas all day, she would get nothing done. She would sit in front of the TV eating bon bons and watching Lifetime movies all day, if she even bothered to get out of bed. (Okay, not gonna lie that happens sometimes now anyway. Except for the Lifetime movies part. I'm rather partial to documentaries.)

So, we've kind of gotten into this routine. Yeah, I sleep in but it's generally because at our house we're up late. Plus I get to spend some morning cuddle time before Robbie has to go to work. But when it's time to get up, It's time to get up. Even when I feel like just laying in bed all day, I will still get up and get fully dressed. Usually in jeans and a t-shirt, but it doesn't matter. When I'm up and dressed, my body knows it's business time, whether the next thing on my list is walking the dogs, doing the dishes, packing a lunch or writing.

As weird as it sounds, getting dressed is the most important part of my day. Without it, the dishes wouldn't get done, the dogs wouldn't get walked, nothing would ever get clean and I'd never get any work done. Plus, making that effort makes me feel better about myself and makes me feel like, even if nothing else gets done because of some random act of God, at least I've accomplished one thing today.