Friday, February 11, 2005

Abigail's Guide to 'Useful' French Phrases

C'est ma faut-It's my fault

N'est-ce pas?- Isn't it?

Montrez-moi où sont les toilettes s'il vous plaît!-Show me where the bathrooms are please!

Ne ma touche pas!-Don't touch me!

Les fesses- In a word, butt. We've been learning body parts

Une fessée- a spanking

Excusez-moi Madame, mais ton chien a mangé mon mari!- Excuse me madam, but you dog has eaten my husband!

La foire- The fair

Je donee à manger aux chèvres-I feed the goats

Pourquoi pas?- Why not?

Ce gratte!- It itches!

J'habite dans une boite- I live in a box

J'habite dans une boite dans le jardin.-I live in a box in the garden.

Pauvre bébé!- Poor baby

*Note* This will be updated as I learn more 'useful' french pharases.

Uh...*is lost*

We didn't have Russian this week. It's been a while since I've written so I have no idea what the last thing I wrote about was.

Ah yes. The Spanish presentation. Patricia and I did fine. We had to go first which was't fun but it was alright. We got our fifteen points. hooray! *rolls eyes*

I've got Afterschool French this week. Jon-Michael is sitting here next to me Writing on his blog in spanish. (I'm at school.) It makes me feel like maybe I should be writing in french. This is after all a language blog. Or it's supposed to be.

In spanish today I learned about conjugating the verb juegar. Juego con tu hermano I play with your brother. Tu hermano es guapo! Your brother is good looking... *wink wink* No. I'm not really like that. *sigh* I'm really just sitting here killing time. My English project won't print out.

We had to create a brochure about a career that we'd like to go into. Mine was on Anthropology. I wrote a bit of information and used a bunch of pictures. Okay since I'm not doing anything else I could make that 'useful' french phrase guide I've been meaning to do... *ponders*

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Spanish Performance

So on Friday in Spanish class, we have to give a performance thingy. We have to recite a telephone conversation. (we had to write it too.) My partener is named Patricia. Here's our performance:

Abigail: Hola?
Patricia: Hola, Quien es?
Abigail: Soy Elena
Patricia: Como estas?
Abigail: Estory enferma
Patricia: Que Lastima!
Abigail: Como estas?
Patricia: Estoy emocionada
Abigail: Pour qué?
Patricia: porque voy al concierto
Abigail: Que chevere!
Patricia: Te gustaria ir al concierto?
Abigail: Claro que si! Cuando?
Patricia: Manana a las cuatro
Abigail: Bien!
Patricia: Adios!
Abigail: Hasta manana!

I should really work on memorizing it. But at the moment I really don't feel like it! My grandma's in the hospital.

Jon-Michael and I practiced our Russian all during homeroom. It was fun to actually be able to say a few things like "straasveetsya" which is the best I can do phonetically. It means hello. We also practiced asking each other what our names were and how we were. It was rather amusing actually, not at all boring. Yay! it's fun to speak Russian because it sounds so cool. Hello is my favorite word to say other than Yabloko (apple) because it sounds the most Russian. Jon-Michael and I also got to learn how to write our names in Russian. YAY!

I really do need to post my list of "useful" French phrases. It seems like I get more and more everyday. Maybe I'll do that here in a minute. Sounds like something good. Though I really should work on chemistry...Nah!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Russian Wednesday(yay), Catching Up, and HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!

ick ick ick! Okay so My grandma's been having problem's and I haven't been able to get online much so the blog is seriously behind. I still havn't gotten into the template and added Mrs. McLaughlin to the people section.

6 in Russian today. We began to learn such useful (I'm being serious about this useful) phrases as: hello, good-bye, what's your name? and How are you? I would type them here because 1. I don't have a Russian font and 2. I don't want anyone making fun of me writing them phonetically in english. So sorry. Maybe in the future I'll work with it but for now, you just have to hear about it in English.

I've begun to collect a list of "Useful" French Phrases. When I get a chance which may be tomorrow because I don't have to stay afterschool for once, I'll be posting them. I'll periodically add to them either in the same entry or I'll just make separate entries. I'm not sure yet.

"Useful" Spanish Phrase of the Day: Deje un mensaje despues del tono Leave a message after the tone.