Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer and AP

I got into postsecondary again, except I had a note from the PS lady in charge that told me in a nutshell that I had a bad GPA and colleges wouldn't accept it so I'd better get it up. The reason my GPA was bad though is the High School put my "C" for the first semester of Russian in 3 nine weeks instead of in the first two. This of course meant that my whole GPA was being pulled down. A call to the school and a chat with my guidance counselor quickly remedied the problem and my GPA is higher now. YAY.

Another thing I've done this summer other than sign up for my college classes is finalize my High School Schedule for SENIOR YEAR!!! I'm taking World Politics and Russian Int. I at College First semester. The schedule for that worked out kind of badly because I have to drive to Kent five days a week. My high school schedule was going to be weird because I still had to take a semester of gym and couldn't do summer gym but that problem too was solved with a chat with dear Aunty Sue who works at a local private Catholic School. She got my cousin Aleta and I into Catholic summer gym there and one letter later, I'm good on that. This means that my schedule at high school is as follows:
Period 8/9: French AP
Period 10: English Accel.
Period 11: Spanish (!st semest.) and Econ. 2nd.

I can't take AP english 12 because it's in the morning and I am at Kent all morning.I'm still planning on taking the test though because I read all the time and I think I'd do a good job. The spanish thing worked out weird because I needed more credit and I was taking Econ 2nd so when the guidance counselor said you another class there I said Spanish.

Speaking of AP tests, I got a four on my English 11 AP test. The best is a five. I'm hoping that whatever college I go to will accept it.

The work for French AP this summer is kind of obnoxious. We have to log fifteen hours of internet time. Ten of it is on the classzone website which has boring activities. But then That's life and you have to get over it.

In my internet exploration this summer I've found another interesting site. Many of you may have heard of Rosetta Stone which is a language learning software. It's pretty spiffy how it works. You can try a free demo of their product and have access to all the languages (Though not all of the lessons) here:

Rosetta Stone Full Online Demo

I've been playing with it on and off. It's a pretty cool thing. If I had the money I'd order the whole Russian version. Anyway, Hope you enjoy.