Friday, October 28, 2005

Aujourd hui, c'est vendredi!

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By: Orlando Figes

Today's Friday! Hooray for the end of the week! *dances a jig of happiness*

French club was fun except for one girl I sat next to who was being obnoxious. (That's another story though) We all ate "éclairs" (creamstick doughnuts) until we were ill. We also drank cider and ate those pirouette cookie stick thingies. Mmmm...Madame read a story and we all were sound effects in it. I got to be feet on the stairs. After the story, we all got more food, and then we watched slides from when Madam was in France over the Summer. France is so pretty, but eh-Icy cold Russia is calling me first.

I felt pretty good about the Russian test today. I think I did pretty well. I guess I'll find out on Monday... I'm glad that she didn't give us anymore homework for this weekend, other than reviewing what we already know for wednesday.

I'm not sure what we did in spanish. I know we took a quiz. I tend to drift off in that class because 1. it's so big it's easy to get overlooked and 2. because we are always going over the same things and it doesn't feel like we ever learn or do anything new. It's like forty minutes of torment.

Well that's about all from here. I probably won't be updating again until Monday because I'm planning on enjoying my Halloween weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I'm not feeling real well. J'ai le rhume. I think is how you say it in french, but I can't remember. Test in русский tomorrow. I was really nervous about it because of the locative cases of adjectives (see earlier post with that title) anywhoo, when we went over it again in class today, I realized that it makes perfect sense, in an odd kind of Russian way. So I'll do some studying today and then hopefully I'll do pretty well tomorrow.

While I'm on the subject of Russian, I'm looking forward to Wednesday's class. We're doing a mass review of everything we've learned so far and so weds. is a Review game day. I know it sounds kind of insane to be doing that in a college class but hopefully it'll be better than the usual torture of knowing Svetlana is going to call on you the one time you don't know the answer! (or maybe it'll be worse than usual)

I'm also excited because in French class tomorrow, we're having Le cercle Français which is French club. This means that we get to sit around for a whole period eating, drinking, and playing silly games. Wheee!

Nothing new with Spanish. Wait, I take that back. We always go over something but we go over it again...and again...and again...I think you get the picture.

Ah! one last thing about russian. The department of Modern and Classical Language Studies (MCLS) Put out a русски газета (russian newspaper) it's a little newspaper mostly in russian and everyone in russian class got a copy. I can't understand most of it but it's fun to pick out a few words that I do know. I'm hoping when the next issue comes out, I'll get a copy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No Russian today. In French we played a couple of games where we acted out the housework words that we've been learning. It was kind of stupid but it was better than just sitting there all period.

In Spanish we did partner activities all period. I sat there and said random stuff in Spanish. That's one good thing about languages, if you happen to be bored, then you can just chatter in another language. Okay, so maybe I'm a little...odd... but ah well aren't we all.

Monday, October 24, 2005

How to and Russian history

So while I'm bloggin today...

I'm seriously thinking about creating a help page but the only thing I could think to put on it would be how to get your mac to write in Cyrillic. So maybe I'll save it.

Anyway. The other day I realized I have a problem. I want to spend a year in a country I know like nothing about. Okay. I do know a little about Russia but mostly it's from what I've read outside of the classroom (which isn't much) so I've decided that I need to find a good, easy to understand (no textbooks) book that goes through Russian History. I'm going to start compiling a list of winter reading. At the moment, though I've got zero books on the list. Hmmm...I think I'll make it movies too. Just because I'm worried the only books I'll find would be boring and dry.

In all honesty, One of the main reasons I've done so much with Russian lately is because absolutly nothing is happening in my other language classes. I have a love/hate relationship with the speed of college classes. Anyway, in English we're builiding our vocabulary so that we'll be able to describe tone and diction (gag me with a pencil) In French, we're learning things like "run the sweeper", "mow the lawn", and "prune the shrubs" all of which are of course incredibly long because that's how the French do things (though the Russians aren't much better sometimes) In Spanish, we've just started a new unit I think part of it is on food but I'm not sure because I was half asleep in class today.

Locative Cases of Adjectives

In a way it's almost pointless to sit here and title my posts. I mean I title them but a lot of the time I end up talking about other stuff. Anyway. Russian is really hard right now. We have a test on Friday and I'm like not ready for it at all...

We are learning the Locative cases of adjectives. Now this may not sound like a big deal, but let me give you an example...

В чемодане

This means in the suitcase Easy enough right? Not really. Because Let's say that you want to talk about the big suitcase or the dark blue suitcase or the American suitcase. If you want to do any of these things, you have to figure out which ending you need to use. Here's another example.


This word is the masculine singular form of the word new. Okay, now that we've got our noun and our adjective, it's time to put them together. First you have to make sure that your noun and adj. are in agreement. In this case they are, they are both masculine and singular. Now, you add your preposition which is в then you figure out if the word новыи has any spelling rules. In this case, it doesn't. After that you have to drop two letters. This leaves you with.


Then you have to figure out if the last letter is hard or soft. The в is hard and so you add the ending


Then you put it in the sentence (it goes before the noun)

В новом чемодане.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The way you put Russian adjectives in the locative case. Okay so maybe it doesn't look that hard but that's because I gave an easy example. You're brain would hurt as much as mine if you were sitting in class and had words that had spelling rules, were femanine, neuter, or plural, or if you were given like four adjectives with a noun and you had to put all of them in the locative case.

Russian can be a screwy language sometimes. Yet I'm enjoying it. I don't know why-I must be crazy. Mrs. Barber told us about a class I believe it was called Pronunciation and diction or something like that. It's a third year class but with permission it can be taken earlier. Anyway it basically teaches you to pronounce russian words. Mrs. Barber said that it's an easy class but by the end of it you can read anything in Russian even if you don't know what you're reading. I'd like to take it but don't know if I'm able because I already had to turn in the information for PSEO classes I'm taking next semester. Maybe I should go beg and plead with the PSEO people...Hmm...there's an idea...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm so Excited!

Okay so as my last post showed, I'm very proud of myself because I figured out how to make the computer keyboard type in Cyrillic. I had one of my friends on a PC come to the site and tell me if he could see the characters. He said he could and so I'm very excited. Not only because I figured out how to do it all by myself, but because now I can actually show you the words in Russian instead of just telling you about them! Never mind the fact that it takes me like twenty minutes to type a sentance because I have to figure out where all the letters are, I will learn where they are and then be able to type both in Russian and English. *glances around and then Whispers* Since I know how to do it now, I may fix the laptop I use in physics so that whenever I do blog entries from there, I can type in russian!!!

*dances around* Excited! Excited! Excited!


actually, this post is a test to see if the way I set up the computer to write Russian characters works. I'm hoping that it does. If anyone who sees this would be so kind to let me know if they can see what's centered below in the cyrillic alphabet. Just leave a comment. Thanks.

Я говорю по-русски!

That says I speak russian. I just hope that other computers can see it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nifty Language Links

Okay, so this is really the last one for the day, I promise. I was looking for some cool clip art for this blog when I realized that I have no post for cool links. So... This post is now known as Nifty Language Links. There will be a link to just this post on the left side bar of the blog. I'll update it whenever I find another cool link...

Foreign Language News and Newspapers- This site has newspapers for like 8 different languages. Including Russian, French, Chinese and Italian.

Enchanted Learning- Okay so this is actually a resouce for teachers. However it offers printable coloring books in several languages including French, Swedish, and Dutch. *The link takes you to the french page. The links to other languages are at the bottom.

Language Guide- This probably has to be one of the coolest sites I've ever seen. You can click on one of several languages and the site will take you to a place where you can choose a category and then it uses quicktime to pronounce the words you click on. Languages include Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic.

Oh yeah...The little Kids...

I forgot... So Last Thursday, five girls (including me) Went to teach some basic french to the gifted students at the middle school. They were so cute and little. It was really precious listening to them try and pronounce the words. There were three boys and one girl. All of the people I went with came back talking about how well the little girl did in pronunciation. Yet I have to disagree with them. She did eventually pronounce them correctly, but there was one little boy who like had everything right off. It made me wonder if he has the same type of gift I do? hmm... Anyway, we're going again tomorrow. I'm excited because not only do I get to skip half of french, but I get to play with cute little kids. :-)

Dad said that he'd look into putting a Russian font on the computer so I can share some of what I'm learning. However there is nothing yet. Maybe if I keep bothering him...

*Dad if you're reading this, please work on installing a Russian font. or a way that people can see the Cyrillic alphabet...*


Everytime I think I know what I'm doing, something changes my mind. On Monday, my russian prof. Told me that I had a talent and I should major or minor in russian. So maybe I'll do something with Russian Translation and possibly work for the FBI.

I'm sorry I don't update this blog as often as I used to. See, Neat stuff happens in at least one language class a day but I've gotten in trouble and my parents changed the computer password. Again. So I can only get on every couple of days. By the time I do, all the cool stuff I had to say has been forgotten.

Okay, back to Russian. If I got a B.S. In russian translation, I could have more job opportunities than if I did french. Though I could actually get a double B.S. In two languages...Hmm... If you would like to see what Kent State has in the way of translation, here's the page:

Overview of the Bachelor of Science in Translation Major.

That's only if you care...

I'm thinking I should go to Russia though the thought of going there scares me to death. Going to France doesn't. I think it's because Russia is farther away, and in a way I think it's more foreign because of the Cyrillic alphabet. I'd be worried I wouldn't be able to figure out what was going on.

I do have to admit that I do like Russian. It's a pretty language, both written and spoken. I don't know what I'm going to do...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What I Love...

I think that my absolute favorite thing to do right now is wait for Russian to start. I know that sounds really odd but give me a moment to explain. Even with the long drive, the bus ride and the walk to Satterfield hall, I still arrive at my classroom about half an hour before class starts. There's a Spanish class that uses the room before we do and so the only thing to do is sit myself outside the door in a chair and work on homework. Homework isn't the only thing I acconplish however.

My classroom is on the third floor of SFH. Also on that floor are two labs for graduate students who are majoring in Modern and Classical Languages and Translation. I love to listen. I've heard Spanish, French, Russian. Maybe it sounds a little odd, but it's fun to sit there and listen. If no one walks past speaking something, I always have the spanish class. I think it's a Spanish I or II class because sometimes I can kind of understand what the teacher is saying. So I listen to that, I listen to the people who walk past, or sometimes who stop and have a conversation right in front of me and I think. Someday that'll be me. I can only hope that it'll be soon.

I found out something kind of depressing. I was going to work extra hard on my Spanish this year because our youth group was going to go work with orphans in Mexico next summer. However, I found out that we probably won't be going now. Which is really depressing because now I have to wait until I go to France before using my language skills.

Speaking of Spanish, we're going to start learning a past tense. In french, Tomorrow is our first day teaching the gifted students. Bell's going to ring, gotta go.