Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yeah, Yeah. I know I'm behind. I can't help it though. Sorry to anyone who actually reads this blog (No one)

In all honesty, you're not missing much. Spanish is still the most boring class in the world, sorry but it's the truth. It's too bad because Spanish could be a language that could come in handy.

I've decided to bust mes fesses (See Guide to french Phrases) In Russian class this semester, so far my efforts have been paying off. I've gotten a B and two A's on my last three graded assignments, we've had three total. We took a quiz on Friday about Professions and workplaces I think I did okay but I'm a tad bit nervous about it. It's cool because as we're learning more, we can converse more. This semester the people in my class often have little mini Russian conversations.

In French class, We've been learning about Music and Poetry. My favorite part is of course, the poetry. We wrote a few poems in french but I didn't really care for them so I'm probably going to be trying my hand at free verse whenever I next have time. The cool thing about this unit is we got packets with a bunch of poems by Jacques Prevet. I'm probably going to be posting some so you can all read them.

English has been going downhill since Christmas Break. Mrs. Haynam has turned into a sort of Nazi. Not really sure why, but the whole AP class will tell you it's true. Speaking of English class, I just read A Clockwork Orange (Even though I did kind of have to twist her arm) for it. It's an amazing book. One of the main reasons I read it was actually for the slang, but the story itself was absolutely wonderful! I could hardly put it down. It's definitely a must read for everyone!

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