Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stupid Grammer...

So I'm definitely thinking I'm better at learning a language by immersion rather than in a classroom because honestly, I HATE GRAMMER! in French class we're all of a sudden learning all kinds of random tenses plus que parfait, conditionel passé, and one other one that has to do with the futur. Anyways, we had a quiz today where we had to match the French with the english translation and that's all good with me except that I have to actually sit and think about it which in a language, is not like me at all. So Madame gave us about five minutes to do this matching quiz. I had like three left and she's like "Okay you need to pass you papers in in ten seconds." Frantically I just mark some random stuff and I'm pretty positive that I got all three wrong.

As if French isn't bad enough, I've got a beef with Russian too. This just isn't a good time In my language learning life. Anyway, we're learning this lovely thing in Russian call Perfective and Imperfective. It's absolutely crazy! It's like if the sentence is imperfective, you use your verb and everything is happy, but if it's perfective, you have to use an entirely different verb! My problem is of course telling which sentences are perfective and which are imperfective. I can't even do it when we use english sentences as examples! Svetlana said that this is the point in our Russian careers where we can start hating her/the language/whatever.

We're going to have a Russian week. You can go to different workshop thingys. Which sounds interesting but I'm not sure how many I can go to because I'm helping with a play at community theater and next week is tech week. Anyway, there's going to be some interesting things and an essay contest which should be interesting and I'll probably do. I want to do it and go to some of Russian week because when you go, you get points towards your final exam. Anyways, that's about all I've got from here, oh wait. Svetlana said that an air force person was going to come to our Russian class and talk I think tomorrow. OOh the irony!

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Kara said...

abigail my love im not sure if you were trying to go for a hate there with the I hate gramm"e"r just giving you the heads up of your spelling was wrong gramm"a"r

*feel better-