Monday, October 02, 2006

A Sort of Language Week

So I've unofficially decided this is a language week. Here's why. Number one, we've started Russian movie night monday nights so I just got back from tha. It was an experience because we were watching a TV version of The Three Musketeers,in Russian. Not only that but it was a musical and the music was really...interesting. Tomorrow I've got more language stuff on my plate. There's a place nearby that's having a Something Russian Festival and so mom is going to go to it with me tomorrow after world politics. Then, tomorrow evening is Spanish club at a local tex-mex place. Yummy! As if that weren't enough, Friday we are having a French field trip. We are going to hear a guy sing and then get a wine tour. The reason I don't know who's singing is because I originally wasn't able to go to that part of it because of Russian Class, however, Marina cancelled Russian class on friday so now I can go! yay!

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