Monday, March 05, 2007

BYKI and Spoo

Today in French class I said the word "ecrire" but fake rolled the first "r" Kind of like I do with Russian. (I can't really roll my r sounds but if it's in the middle of a Russian word I can usually fake it.) As soon as I did it I thought. "Gee, I just fake rolled an r sound. That's interesting." The next time I said the word I was very conscious of making myself not do it. THE RUSSIAN IS TAKING OVER! Good. Okay and now onto the real reason I decided to write this post.

I'm really behind on links. When I get a chance I need to update my template and include all of the lovely new links I've found. I might even start a specific section for just links in and about Russia because lately I've amassed a huge collection of them. Today though I just want to put in a plug for a great website called Before You Know It. It's a nifty site where you can build vocabulary in just about any language you could ever want. And it's absolutely free. I encourage all of you to check it out!

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