Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 23rd

February 23rd was a holiday. I can't remember the name in Russian but it's celebrating men. Here's how we celebrated at school.

we didn't have school on Saturday (the actual holiday) so we celebrated friday during last period. We moved desks to the front of the classroom and had our eight boys come in and sit. Then we had a series of games.

In the first, the boys had to sew a button on a piece of cloth. The best part was watching them thread the needle. In the second, the boys took turns peeling and chopping an onion. The object was to see who could do it the fastest. The last game, was the one all the girls were looking forward to as it involved the boys being blindfolded and feeding each other yogurt. Yeah, it was pretty funny.

After the contests, we ate cake and drank pop, and gave the boys their gifts (They each got a flash drive. Or as we say here in the motherland flashka) and cards. Then we cleaned up and went home.

Saturday being a holiday, we didn't have school and I basically didn't do anything all day, although i did get a call from Raisa and went and got basically all of my stuff which made me really happy. I also learned a new word. Посылка. It's the word for "package". Yeah, that's right. the package my parents sent me in December decided to finally show up. Hooray for pop-tarts, peanut butter, and good snickers bars!

Saturday night I tagged along with Elena Ivanovna and her class to the movie theater. The movie theaters here every weekend (Basically) show something called a "non-stop." you basically pay one price and then go watch three or four movies all night long at the theater. It's actually a really good deal. Payed two hundred roubles and saw four films. Two of the films were pretty good. The eye, and P.S. I love you. The others weren't so good. They were Meet the Spartans and Jumper. Actually the best part about watching Meet the Spartans was me sitting there being the only one laughing at the way certain american figures were being made fun of. Somethings you just can't translate.

The last couple of days have been pretty usual. Nothing too horribly exciting happening. I just keep plucking along. I do understand though now, why so many exchangers stop updating their blogs after a while. Because things that were strange and new become ordinary and it's hard sometimes to find things to write about. But have no fear faithful readers, I'm not planning on stopping this blog anytime soon. I like writing too much, and sharing what I'm learning with you all.

I should probably go now, as I'm skipping my second physics lesson in order to type up a scholarship essay. So, until next time.

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Mr. Faust said...

Were the movies subtitled or dubbed?