Friday, February 11, 2005

Uh...*is lost*

We didn't have Russian this week. It's been a while since I've written so I have no idea what the last thing I wrote about was.

Ah yes. The Spanish presentation. Patricia and I did fine. We had to go first which was't fun but it was alright. We got our fifteen points. hooray! *rolls eyes*

I've got Afterschool French this week. Jon-Michael is sitting here next to me Writing on his blog in spanish. (I'm at school.) It makes me feel like maybe I should be writing in french. This is after all a language blog. Or it's supposed to be.

In spanish today I learned about conjugating the verb juegar. Juego con tu hermano I play with your brother. Tu hermano es guapo! Your brother is good looking... *wink wink* No. I'm not really like that. *sigh* I'm really just sitting here killing time. My English project won't print out.

We had to create a brochure about a career that we'd like to go into. Mine was on Anthropology. I wrote a bit of information and used a bunch of pictures. Okay since I'm not doing anything else I could make that 'useful' french phrase guide I've been meaning to do... *ponders*

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