Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Russian Wednesday(yay), Catching Up, and HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!

ick ick ick! Okay so My grandma's been having problem's and I haven't been able to get online much so the blog is seriously behind. I still havn't gotten into the template and added Mrs. McLaughlin to the people section.

6 in Russian today. We began to learn such useful (I'm being serious about this useful) phrases as: hello, good-bye, what's your name? and How are you? I would type them here because 1. I don't have a Russian font and 2. I don't want anyone making fun of me writing them phonetically in english. So sorry. Maybe in the future I'll work with it but for now, you just have to hear about it in English.

I've begun to collect a list of "Useful" French Phrases. When I get a chance which may be tomorrow because I don't have to stay afterschool for once, I'll be posting them. I'll periodically add to them either in the same entry or I'll just make separate entries. I'm not sure yet.

"Useful" Spanish Phrase of the Day: Deje un mensaje despues del tono Leave a message after the tone.

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