Sunday, August 28, 2005

Something I forgot...

I forgot to tell you. This year, I'm taking English AP, which is advanced placement which means it's like a college class that you take at High School but get college credit for. Anyway, we had a ton of homework over the summer for it and you'll be pleased (maybe) to hear that I'm not done with it! And High School starts the day after Labor day! One of the things we had to do, was read the book Beloved By Toni Morrison, take notes in the margins, and highlight things. It's a 320 page book and I'm on page 100. Now, I'm an extremely fast reader but it takes me forever to take notes and highlight. Plus, I'm still trying to figure out why this book is a college bound book when it is the most stupid thing I've read since Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible AAARRRGGGHHH! Everytime I start to get into the story, something stupid happens. We have to write an essay on it the first day back at school, and I'm hoping Mrs. Haynam will ask us to write our opinion as part of the essay because I'm thoroughly going to tell her how much I hate that book! I mean if we're going to read a college bound book let's at least read a classic! And if you want more of a modern classic then what's wrong with Clan of the Cave Bear? I mean, at least there's some point to it, and it's interesting. Gah! Okay, this has definitely turned into a rant...sorry...I think I'd better go to bed before I hurt myself.

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