Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day of Intermediate

Okay, have to make it quick because I have things to do for fair. First day of Russian went really well. I had had a dream several weeks ago that it was otherwise but in reality it was fun. Got to catch up with the people from last semester who I hadn't seen in a while. During actual class, we just reviewed and I was happy to find that I remembered more than I thought I did. (It had just been locked away for the summer) No one had books and so I think Marina (The teacher) is going to be requesting an order for them. Hopefully they'll come in soon because I think we'll be reviewing until they do. Oh well.

Marina seems to be a good teacher. She's Russian so at least I know she knows what she's talking about. We played some rather entertaining review games. One of them was a game where she'd say a number in Russian and we'd have to quickly write it on the board. The first team to write it correctly got a point. Let me tell you, our team kicked butt! Thankfully we did because the other team has to recite the numbers one to one thousand for Marina during her office hours this week. Whether or not they actually will remains to be seen.

Okay, that's all I have time for now, You probably won't be hearing anything more until after labor day because I won't be at Russian the rest of this week due to fair showing. High School starts after labor day and so I'll have lots more language stuff to tell you then.

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Kara said...

so i am guessing that if little shane and jordan arent able to make it wednesday that it will be me and brad chillin' in youth group lol. maybe that is a good thing. I have abotu 50 gabillion questions about corinthians. good luck at the fair.

much love-