Thursday, May 19, 2005


Okay so I got a letter from Kent State today. I kept it folded and looked at like the first three words it said "we are pleased..." so I know I'd been accepted. This means that I get to take Russian next year!! I have to sign up for my class, but first I have to go back up to Kent and get my ID card. School's almost done. It's a good thing because I'm ready to be done. It's a bad thing though because that means no more French or Spanish for a few months. Oh that reminds me, We had to do projects in French class. Everyone had to study four things. My four things were: Le Sénégal, La Fête des Rois, Grasse et l'industrie de parfum, and Jean Lafitte. I was kind of nervous though I don't know why. Then I misspronounced the famous perfume, Channel No. 5. It's definitely not pronounced like T.V. "Channel" number 5. I felt really retarded but there was nothing I could do but laugh. My mom always says that no one ever died of embarrassment. Anyway. I've got some cool links that go along with what I had to talk about some are in English, some are in French. I also found this nifty poem in the back of my French book but I didn't bring it home so I can't post it yet. Okay, Enough distraction. On to THE LINKS!

Crime Library-Jean Lafitte This site has a complete biography on the lovable pirate.

FAQ du protestantismeA little about La Fête des Rois (also called Epiphanie) The coolest thing about this site is the excerpt about the three kings from the gospel of Matthew In french!

Virtual Visit to Gorée Island Gorée is an island in Sénégal where slaves were kept before being shipped off. This site has a nifty virtual tour of a slave house. They have a photo tour and a ten minute video tour(cool). (you need realplayer for the movie)

Enchanted Learning-French This site has nothing to do with my French Project but it's neat. It has different pages that you can print out and color and practice your french with (and I mean a bunch of pages) Even if your older (like sixteen *cough cough*) It's worthwile to color if it's for a good cause like learning french! :-P

That's all I've got for now and when I bring my French book home for the weekend, I'll post that cool poem from it here.

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