Tuesday, September 12, 2006


(sarcasm) Alright so I just spent the last hour redoing Monday's Russian homework. Marina gave us the option of not turning it in until tomorrow if we had things to fix and since the first time I did it it was pretty pathetic I decided to redo it. What was the homework? Why write twenty sentences. Ten about the birthdays of your family and ten about holidays both American and Russian. During the past hour I had a sort of Epiphany and realized that I had missed the whole point of the homework in the first place. Not only was the point to practice talking about people's made up birthdays. Oh no! during the past hour my notebook and I got to be very close and I realized hidden in the depths of this assignment were a review of the genative case, a review of numbers, and a culture lesson wrapped into one, and so I came to discover yet again that(/sarcasm) I know absolutly nothing about Russia, its history, and its culture.

Actually in all seriousness I learned about several holidays. Women's day, Old New year, Defenders of the Motherland Day, and although I can't tell you anything about these holidays, I can tell you when they are. But I'm to lazy too right now because I just spent the last hour doing it.

On my quest to help myself complete this task I did find some really cool websites which I will be posting in a post and then on a side bar in the next couple of days (hopefully).

I just want you all to know that I love french class! I've gotten to be partners with the exchange student several times and It's both scary and exciting. Scary because I know I mess up. I hate messing up around native speakers or people who speak really well but I've decided I need to get over it because if I don't, I'll miss some cool opportunities. So I'm practicing not being self concious in French class.

I asked Madame for more books. She gave me several thing ones. One is about a man who planted trees, one is a really little version of Madame Bovary, one is called the hard winter and I don't remember what the last one is called. Hopefully they will provide some mild amusement in the otherwise dull world of the high school classroom (French and Spanish are pretty much boring.) I guess I could talk about English and how we're reading selections from Beowolf. Don't get me wrong, that's not the problem. I've kind of got this thing for epic poems. It's just...this year's teacher...*Sigh* oh well.

Alrighty, now that I've yakked a bunch I've got to get off and get to bed so I can get up and go to Russian tomorrow and...CRUD! I just realized that I didn't do any of my other Russian homework. Guess I'd better get up early tomorrow...

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