Friday, September 15, 2006

L'homme qui te ressemble English Translation

The Man Who Resembles You
By: René Philombe
Translated by: Abigail Faust

I knocked at your door
I knocked at your heart
So that I may have a good bed,
So that I may have a warm fire
Why do you refuse me?
Let me in brother!

Why do you ask
If I am African
If I am American
If I am Asian
If I am European?
Let me in brother!

Why do you ask
The length of my nose
The thickness of my mouth
The color of my skin
And the name of my gods?
Let me in brother!

I am not black
I am not red
I am not white
But I am only a man
Let me in brother!

Let me in your door
Let me into your heart
Because I am a man
The man of all times
the man of all the heavens
the man who resembles you!


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Hi Abigail thank you for your translation I love this poem
good luck and God bless u

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hi I'm Zuzu, I love your translation

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