Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is in case anyone cares that I will be living on various airplanes for two days.

Leave from Cleveland August 30th.
New York

I arrive in my new city on the morning of September first. What really blows my mind if I think about it is that it'll be the first in Yakutsk, but it will still be the 31st here in Ohio because of the 14 hour time difference. How's that for Mind-blowing?


Roosterruler said...

Hallo! And thank you for the comment. I like to know I`m not the only one as well :P Anyways... you leave pretty sooon then eh? But two days of flight? That`s insane! Bring lots of coloring books ;)

Roosterruler said...

Yeah - that is something I wish I would have brought. Some books. I brought, maybe one. I had Harry Potter packed... a realllly light one. But I had to take it out at the airport. I was glad I did. As my weight total ended up literally being 1 tenth of a pound under the limit... I was quite happy.

I write so many postcards lately.. give me your address and I`ll send you one to from Switzerland :P