Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day Trip

This is Russia's far east. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? The photograph doesn't do it justice. Honestly. Whoever thought that this part of the world wasn't beautiful was high or on crack or something (Yeah, I know, it was me. I said they were sending me to the ugliest place on earth, well I lied so there.) Sudnday I spent the day with my host mom, My host cousins Masha and Lavrik and Anna who was translating for me. We drove all through the countryside, took a long ferry ride across the Lena River, Drove a long ways more over very bumpy dirt roads and then we came to the Druzhba center. It is an outdoor museum full of information about life in early Yakutsk and the Yakut people. I had a really good time.

On the ferry ride to the museum I learned how to play Four card Durak. It's a card game that kind of reminds me of uno. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved getting to hang out with Masha, Lavik and Anna. I learned about the rich history of Yakutsk. I learned that if you drive through the countryside, take a roll of toilet paper, no rest areas here. I learned that this part of the world is beautiful in it's own way. I learned about the First church in yakutsk, about the first school and how the teacher lived in the front part and taught in the back. Yup, Sunday was definitely a very good day.

One interesting thing. I figured out why even though it's the size of Akron, Yakutsk feels smaller than Alliance. See, with alliance if you're looking for something to do, you just drive to canton or akron, and find it. (momentary flashback to summer) Here, it's Yakutsk. That's about it. When the city ends it's backwoods Russia. Literally. I mean, there are farms, but not a whole ton. It's like when the city ends so does civilization. But I love the rugged beauty. Oh and the farms. They don't fence in the animals. I can see why. Why waste money on fences when there's no place for the animals to wander off too. I mean, they just go graze and do there thing and come back at night. IF you're driving on the roads near dusk you do have to be careful that you don't hit the animals.

They're smart though, both the cows, and the dogs that roam the city. I've seen them wait to cross the road until it was safe. Just like the people. It's very impressive if you ask me.

Well I hope for those of you who were hoping I would give a more substantial post, here it is, enjoy it.

Oh and there were some "complaints" about my use of the word "random" All I can say is that it's a good word to use when describing random events (yup there it is again) No, seriously it's all in good fun.

I appreciate all the e-mails from everyone after my second Russia update, I'm sorry I don't always reply, but I appreciate it, I really do.

hope everything is going well for everyone!

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