Thursday, September 20, 2007


There's nothing really exciting going on here. Seriously. I know that you're thinking "But you're in Russia! How can nothing be going on?" Okay so stuff goes on, just not stuff that's worth writing about. actually I do have some essays I intened to put on this blog (Essays about life here and such) but I can type them up while not connected to the internet and then publish them. Right now I'm actually connected and I'm afraid to press the disconnect button (Yes I know which one is the disconnect button now. Hooray for the dictionary!) because I'm afraid of killing the internet connection again. So I'll type some up maybe tomorrow and post whenever I can.

I think this weekend we're going to the "zoopark" which as you might guess is the zoo. I'm like "okay, sounds cool to me." I think Raisa thinks I should get out of the house more. I seriously need to make the effort to get in touch with people I've met here. which I seriously am going to start doing. Seriously. Because Anna Nicholaevna, my tutor, told me that I should speak as much as possible with native speakers. So since I'm here I've decided that school work takes second place. Yes I try in school. I special assignments in Literature, Obshest, History, and English. I do my work for French. I copy problems from the board to my notebook in Physics and Math. Yes, I know that's bad, but here's the thing. I'm here to learn Russian. The math they are doing in math class I don't understand in English so I definitely don't understand in Russian. They move really fast too. So while I do make an effort to do stuff in class, and try the problems and all, I honestly don't make that much effort outside of class. My priority here is learning Russian, not the functions of x and the integral of s. Sorry guys, but that's the way it is.

Anyway, since I have nothing of interest here's a music video for you. It's my favorite Russian song right now. I think I might buy the CD that has this song on it. It's pretty popular here right now. It's by MakSim.


Kara said...

abigail how i miss your crazy music. I need to youtube your crazy french woman/man that i am still not sure about gender wise. lol. I am buying a new iPod I completely broke my old one, the battery is fried.. i think, but atleast that means an iPod Nano in Kara's hopfully near future.

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

Hi Abigail,

Kyle and me really like reading your blog! But for this article I came too late...

Now they tell that the video is not available anymore - maybe you could to put another one?

Best wishes,

Привет, Абигаль!

Если хочешь я могу комментировать на русском - чтобы ты не забывала язык ;).

Только хотела сказать, что видео не работает и что нам с Кайлом нравится читать твой блог! И, кстати, новый дизайн блога - просто СУПЕР!

Всего хорошего и удачи!