Friday, September 14, 2007


Do not click on computer buttons when you can't understand what they say.


It's a bad idea.

A very bad idea.

Bad things might happen.

You might just break your host family's internet connection.

If you do happen to click a button, make sure you don't try to fix the problem by clicking more buttons that you can't read.

More bad things might happen

Like you locking your host family out of their computer

Like your host mom having to call her nephew to come and fix it.

Learn your lesson and leave well enough alone.

Chalk this one up to embarrassing moments on exchange.

Okay that was going to be all I was going to say, but life has been alternately boring and interesting here in Yakutsk so I thought I'd let you all know what's going down here. It's not that anything particularly exciting is going on, it's just little things that build up after a while. I had a foray into the guy culture in this country and realized that the phrase "Boys will be boys" is completely true. I've been learning more of the language. I feel like I'm not learning much culture, but maybe I'm just not noticing it. I'm liking it better here. I'm more used to the outside being rather chilly and all the buildings being burning hot inside. I'm making some friends. I don't know how close or tight they'll become, but it's better than having no one. I still miss my posse though.

I've been here fourteen days and my dictionary is falling apart.

I'm becoming more involved with school. I have projects to do for three teachers, and homework to do for two more. My weekend is booked up with social stuff. I'm basically doing well here, and enjoying life.

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