Thursday, March 24, 2005

I live in...

Aleta and I had an entire conversation in French yesterday. It was about coats. We talked about how I was cold outside because I didn't have a raincoat or a regular coat. Aleta was like "I don't have a raincoat, I have a coat." It was really entertaining. Yesterday in class, We started a unit on the house. I need to go thorugh and write all the french words on duct tape and stick them on things like the 'fridge. Yeah, I know I have no life. Wanna know how much of a life I don't have? Here you go.

J'habite dans une boite

J'habite dans une boite dans le jardin.

The first one means I live in a box The second one means I live in a box in the garden. Both of these phrases will be put in the "GTUP" Which by the way there is a link at the bottom of the page on the left that says places. Under it, is a link to the Guide to Useful Phrases. I just thought I'd let you know incase you want to get there fairly easily.

In Russian yesterday, We got lists of new vocab. Lots of clothing! It's a hard language because they don't use the same alphabet we do. Grr... Aleta is thinking about dropping Russian. I don't want her to!!!

Spanish phrases that I learned the other day that are pretty interesting:

En su sueños

Puedo ir al baño?

The first means In your dreams. The second one means Can I go to the bathroom? I'm thinking I should really start a guide to useful Spanish phrases but I learn so few of them that it doesn't seem worth it. French is a different story. I learn an interesting phrase in that class almost every day! (touts les jours)

Oh and while I'm thinking of it. Last night, I had been thinking about French a lot and I started singing this song from Annie get your gun A play I was in a few years ago. What was scary about it was I was singing in English but for some reason my head was still in French Mode so every time I came to a phrase I knew in French, I would sing it in French. Rather scary, non?

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