Thursday, March 10, 2005

Post Test Report

It was hard but wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Listening was hard. There was a part where we had to figure out which picture went with the conversation, Then there was a part where I had to choose which phrase best completed the conversation. The hardest part was the listening passages. There were two passages and afterwards there were questions. HARD HARD HARD!!! The reading was fairly easy. There was a story that We had to fill in the blanks for. Grammer type stuff. Then there was a ticket, a birth announcement, and an advertisement. All with questions following. It wasn't that bad.

In Russian yesterday, we worked on counting. We also went over the greeting people vocabulary. Shields told us that maybe next time we meet, we'll start a new lesson. We aren't meeting next week because Shields has a meeting.

Ohio Graduation Test next week.

In French we've been learning how to say things like "I wash myself" Since, I can't brush my teeth without thinking: "Je me brosse les dents avec une brosse au dents et du dentifrice"

I've added more to the "Guide to Useful French Phrases." Which from here on out to save typing time will be called GUF.

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