Sunday, November 11, 2007


That word is kind of like "So..." And it's the title of this post because honestly, I don't really know what to write about. I mean, stuff's been happening, it always is. I suppose I could write about my most embarrassing exchange student moment ever, but honestly, I don't feel like rehashing it, plus I think it would make a better oral story. So when I get home, Ask me about it. By then I'll think it's hilarious.

I could write about how the boys (Accidentally I think) deleted my pictures on my memory card, and how frustrated that made me. I could write about how on top of that, the computer has decided to recognize my flash drive as an application rather then a flash drive and therefore won't open it. (If you know how to fix this please tell me)

I could talk about how I just want a hug, and someone to tell me it'll be okay.

But I'm not going to.
Because while I like to keep it real, I hate feeling like I'm always being negative about my exchange because for the most part, I really am enjoying myself.

Most mornings I wake up and think "WOw, I'm in Russia. How cool is that?" I'm working on trying to speak more. Because while I have a decent sized vocabulary when it comes to understanding, I don't speak enough so my speaking vocabulary (and writing vocabulary) is horrible.

I've eaten sushi while speaking Russian twice. Which is really cool too. Suhi is really popular here. I've been to two different restaurants that serve it.

Raisa and I went visiting to Maria the club president's yesterday. It was fun. Mostly because she has a seven month old baby and we got to play with him some. IT's interesting, because it seems like a lot of people here have one or two kids who are a lot older than their one or two younger kids. I can name probably three families that are like this just sitting here right now. I'm not sure why this is except people here seem to get married a lot younger so maybe they have a kid right off and then ten years later decide to have another one.

When you go "в гости" (Visiting) in Russia it usually involves dinner, looking at the hosts' photographs (This usually involves any and all photographs of the trips they took too america or their children took, probably because I"m American and they think I'll be interested to see it.) and then tea. Sometimes various other entertainment. Sometimes I find the photographs boring, but last night I actually found them to be rather interesting. Maybe because I know Maria a little bit.

This past week, our school was on fall break. It went by really fast and I really enjoyed it. I'm not really looking forward to going back to school, but there's not a lot I can do about it. Besides it has it's silver lining because that's where I get most of my exposure to Russian.

The Rotary people told us at orientation to not look at the big picture of exchange. They said to break it down into smaller chunks and it's easier. Know what? They're right. They suggest looking forward to events. And that does help some. I was looking forward to fall break, and now that it's almost over, I'm looking forward to New Year's. After that I'm looking forward to the April Orientation where I'll get to meet all the other exchangers, and then the district conference in June, Ysakh, the Yakutian New Year at the end of June, and then home on July 11.

That does help some. What really helps me though is to look backwards. In other words instead of saying. "Oh my goodness I"m still going to be here 7.5 months!" I think "Wow, I've already been here two and a half months." or "Can you belive that it's already November 11th?" Okay, so it's not quite two and a half months, but it's close enough.

I'm going to make a prediction. It seems that a lot of people by the end of their exchange are either like "Get me out of this country now," or "No! I don't want to leave!" My prediction is that When the time comes for me to get on that plane, I'll miss this place, but I'll know that it's time for me to go.

But that's just my guess. I don't really know becasuse it's still 7 and a half months away.

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