Thursday, November 01, 2007


A couple I forgot:

Pounds I've gained: 10
Times I've tried to take a shower and there's no hot water: 4
Dreams in Russian: 1

Anyway, I can tell I'm starting to get more used to life here. How? Because stuff is starting to lost its novelty. The snow is no longer Russian snow, it's just snow. I've spoken to so many English classes that that's no longer new and exciting. The people who pull their stuff on little sleds is still a novelty but it won't be for long, and I no longer notice that most of the people I pass in the street have the asian look.

Which is cool. Getting used to stuff is good.

I've taken to reading in Class. Which is actually helping my vocabulary. I learned maybe four or five new words today just by reading. That's good.

Sometimes I feel like there are just so many words. And I want to absorb them all right now. But I can't because my brain doesn't work that way. Sometimes I wish it did.

I've had some interesting feelings lately. I spoke to another english class today and decided that I hate speaking english. It feels weird in my mouth. Wrong in my mouth. My lips feel fat and my ears don't like the way the words sound. It's the oddest sensation.

One interesting thing that happened was after I finished my presentation. The class was shy about asking questions and at one point Kunai looked at a group of girls and was like "Think of a question because everyone needs to ask one," And automatically in I go "Yeah, and do it quick because the easy questions are going fast like "What music do you like?" " and then all of a sudden I realized that Kunai had spoken Russian, and I'd answered in English. But I'd heard and understood the Russian as if it were english. It was really really cool. Made me feel awesome. I guess I am making progress.

The other day I heard a song in French and right after it a song in Russian. I understood the Russian better than the French.

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