Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cold (Part One of a I don't know how many part series)

Sometimes I seriously envy the people who chose to go to South America. Okay so the past few days I've been envying them a lot. Mostly because do you know how cold it is here? One of the Rotarians back home wanted me to describe a Siberian winter. So here you go. Although I've called this part one because technically it's not winter temperatures. So I might be updating again.


It's been fairly cold here. In the -20s celcius. Do you know how cold that is? It's cold enough that you have to bundle up. Because if you don't your toes go numb very quickly. And your legs if you're not wearing underarmor. Do you know what it feels like on the exposed bits of your face when it's negative 20? It feels like your skin is going to peel off. Fun huh?

I've learned a lot about cold here.

I've learned that though you might not think there is any difference in temperature between -13 and -15 there actually is, and -15 is practically a heat wave compared to negative 20.

And someone in the Rotary club here told me this was warm, and that it's still fall temperatures. ha ha ha.

If I'm going to walk anywhere I wear thick, heavy socks, Underarmor, and a hoodie over whatever shirts I'm wearing. On top of that I wear my long coat, and the hat/scarf combo that Raisa made me. And Usually I pull up my hood.

And a lot of times I think to myself "I could've been in Argentina right now." but then I also remember that I'm learning Russian, or trying too, and that's a good feeling.

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