Saturday, May 24, 2008

50 Things I'm Looking Forward to Doing When I get Home

In no particular order

1. hug my parents
2. Hug the rest of my family
3. Taco bell
4. Swimming in my Cousin's pool
5. getting ready for college
6. Starbucks
7. Free Refills
8. Slushies
9. Those giant sized drinks for cheap at gas stations
10. McDonalds
11. Chinese take out
12. American Pizza
13. Ice in Glasses
14. sharing my silly exchange stories
15. sleeping in minimal clothing
16. Wal-mart
17. Taco Bell
18. Talking with fellow rebounders
19. Mexican food
20. Playing my dulcimer
21. Herding goats
22. Chilling for the summer
23. Seeing my redecorated room
24. Church
25. Seeing the new church building
26. Reconnecting
27. Teaching people cool russian words
28. Yelling at obnoxious drivers in Russian
29. Being able to drive again
30. pet the dog
31. decompress
32. General Fast food
33. the fact that there's stuff around.
34. going to the library and catching up on reading in English
35. sleeping in my bed, in my room
36. Being part of my family
37. Trips to the grocery store
38. All of our convenience food
39. People not making up their own driving rules
40. Steady water
41. Movies being in English
42. Catching up on my TV series
43. seeing if and how I've changed compared to home
44. Steak and Shake
45. Chili
46. The farm
47. Going to see my brother
48. Did I mention Taco Bell?
49. Going to anyplace with an all-you-can-eat buffet
50. Breakfast out with the family


openid20 said...

28. Yelling at obnoxious drivers in Russian

Hehe. This is the best. I like it. Be careful though. The obnoxious drivers usually speak Russian ;)

hostfamily08 said...

Agreed - 28. Yelling at obnoxious drivers in Russian could be really funny, especially if there are a bunch on non-Russian speaking people in your car too...