Sunday, May 04, 2008

Freaking Out and a Picnic

So I'm completely freaking out. I don't know what to do. I realized that last weekend was a holiday. This coming up weekend is a holidy. Victory day. Next weekend we have Poslednii Zvonok which is "Last Bell" which is where we have this little thing for the 11th graders. Then I'm done with School seriously. I am completely freaking. It wasn't that long ago that I thought May couldn't come fast enough, it seemed like I'd be stuck in this school forever. It seemed like...I don't know, but it's scary. Soon it'll be time for distrct conference, then Ysakh and then I go home. My exchange is winding down. How scary is that?

In other news, we had a three day weekend. Celebrated "Day of Spring and Work" Don't ask, it's just Russia. Yesterday was the last day of this three day weekend. Actually, can you really call it a weekend because it started on Thursday, went through Saturday and Sunday (Today) is a regular working day. I had school. Anyway, Yesterday I decided that I was tired of being lazy and chilling out at home. Which is basically what I did all weekend and really enjoyed it. So I got up, got ready and told the family I was going for a walk. I had some errands I wanted to run and figured I'd probably spend the rest of the afternoon bumming around the city as usual.

Bless his heart, my little brother Tolya said "Abigail, where are you going?" and I said "I have to go to the ATM so I'm going to the post office." I think he wanted to come with me if I were going somewhere fun. Anyway, I grabbed my stuff and headed out. I stopped at the bank and grabbed some money, put some of said money on my phone. On my way, there was a street vendor selling some cool stuff that I bought to bring to my peeps back home. lol. Having accomplished that, I was wandering up Prospekt Lenina eating an ice cream cone (Man it's gonna be hard when I can't buy 6r ice cream cones anymore!) I decided to go to a book store at the other end of town. On my way, I decided to explore a Shopping center that I'd passed many times but hadn't throughly explored. I was wandering through the toy store when Misha called.

"We're going for a drive."
"Just a drive"
"oooh, I wanna come. Can you meet me at Ploshad Lenina?"

I took off at a run, met the family, hopped in the car and off we went. We went to Buon Appetito a restaurant near the university to pick up a couple of pizzas and a couple of salads. I figured we were going to take them home and eat them, but we didn't. Instead, we drove outside the city (Not hard since this is Yaktusk after all) then, we drove off the road and across this little field thing. We found a dry spot, parked the car and unloaded. So I'm sitting there eating pizza and drinking juice and thinking "How cool is this? I'm sitting on permafrost having a picnic in the middle of Russia. Awesome!" I mean seriously, how many people can say they've done that?

Apparently the ice on the Lena has started to crack up. (Literally) Misha said in a couple weeks, we'll drive down and see it. I'm looking forward to it.

We messed around and hung out and enjoyed the really warm weather (we're positive now) and basically just had a good time. We left after a while since the baby was getting fussy. I loved it. Not just because it was so cool, but because I felt kind of like part of the family which I haven't felt for eight months. So that was awesome too.

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