Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rather unorganized.

I seriously wasn't going to use the computer today. I use it too much. So I was just not going to do anything with it for a couple of days and then e-mail my parents just when they're beginning to wonder if I've been abducted by Chechen rebels. But my plans kind of changed because Kunai, the teacher who "accompanied" me to the Lena pillers called and wants me to speak to her english students. Tomorrow. Which I can't refuse because I put her off last week with the excuse that my power point needed finished. Which was basically the truth.

See I made this powerpoint presentation about myself before coming here. Dad helped me fix it all up spiffy and everything. Timing was all good, and what not. But there was a slight problem. When I plugged it into the computer here, the timing was wrong, or rather, there was no timing for the slides with pictures. So I have to fix it so the pictures come in right. While I was at it I thought I'd check my e-mail and write an update. I would just like to say though if you think powerpoint is bad in english (Which actually it's a good, easy to use program) Try using an older version of it. In Russian. So now that I've figured out where the buttons are, it's going faster.

Art class was better today. I didn't get screamed at. I actually talked to some of my classmates. I have a love hate relationship with that class. It's fun, and I enjoy it, and even though I've had like two lessons, I've learned a lot. Yet at the same time it's difficult because I really have zero background in art other than what they made us take in middle school, so that makes it challenging. Which is good because school here doesn't really challenge me because I don't do a whole lot.

In other news, I found out that we are having a really mild winter so far. Apparently usually by this time of year it's negative 30 and there's like 5 feet of snow. Okay, maybe not five feet, but you get the idea. Actually, it didn't snow for a week or two and then yesterday it started up and it's basically been snowing ever since. Which is fine with me because it makes the city beautiful! Though you do have to be careful not to slip. There's a different way of walking on the snow. I can't describe it, but you can't walk on it like you normally walk, or you'll end up hurting yourself. *though I have slid many times, I've only actually fallen once so far knock on wood*

I just got back from looking at an apartment with Raisa. Not for her but for her aunt or cousin or something. Everytime I see other apartments, it makes me really glad to be living with Raisa mostly because her apartment is more modern than most. Read: really nice by Russian standards.

Just a digression, but I'm glad I went back to art class. Even though it was really bad the first couple of times. I went back because I know a secret that I'm now going to share with all of you. I could make so much money if I sold this secret, or wrote a book about it, but instead I'm going to share it with all of you. The secret is this: You've got to keep getting back on the horse, Eventually you'll tame it. Or you'll just break your neck in the process.

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Maria in Kamchatka said...

just thought I'd let you know that I'm taking an art class here and I completely know how you feel. my teacher is actually pretty cool, but I am sucky at art and no one will talk to me. the most I've gotten out of people is them asking me to move out of their way. also, man, the buying stuff. I totally agree. it makes me feel so much better!