Tuesday, October 30, 2007

By the Numbers

Since Thursday marks the beginning of my third month in this lovely (or horrible depending on which way my bi-polarness is swinging) country I thought I would do something special to mark the occasion. So here it is, two months in Yakutsk, Russia by the numbers.

Number of times I've been in a taxi: 4
Number of scary taxi Drivers I've encountered:3
Number of days I've been here: 60
Number of months left: 7,5
Number of days I haven't had tea: 2
Number of times I've had Russian vodka sitting in front of me: 1
People I've seen drinking Russian vodka: 0
Times I've tried Russian vodka: 0
People I've seen with braces: 2
People I've seen with cell phones: 5,000
Times I've slid on Yakutian Ice: 50
Times I've fallen on Yakutian Ice: 3
Average daily cups of tea: 3
Days a week I don't want to get up for school: 6
Times I've skipped saturday class: 2
Number of new words I've learned: 1,000
Books I've read: 2
Times I've been asked if I know who Dima Bilan is: 10
People who've asked me if I have winter where I come from: 75
People who tell me that temperatures here can get to minus 50: 500
Times I was ready to get on a plane and go home: 1
Hours a week I spend in art classes: 6
Khomus lessons: 1
Friends: 4(?)
Times I've not done French homework: 2
Minutes a day I practice the Khomus: 10
Days a week I go to Grammar lessons: 2
Speeches about the USA I've given: 5
Birthdays I've had: 1
Times I've been turned away from the Pushkin Library:2
Books I've bought: 1
Magazines I've bought: 1
Plays I've seen at the Russian Theater: 1
Russian Movies I've seen: 3
Yakutian plays I've seen: 0
Times I've been to the Theater of Opera and Ballet: 2
Times I've eaten ice cream in negative degree weather: 3
Churches I've stumbled upon: 4
Churches within the city limits that I've been inside: 0
Number of people who now think I'm going to hell because of my last statement: 50
Time it starts getting dark: 3:00pm
Price of the bus: 10 rubles
Price of a new camera: 7 500 rubles
Number of attractive boys I've seen: 3
Times I've randomly wanted to burst into tears: 15
Times I've talked to my parents on the phone: 3
Times a day I say I'm tired: 7
Days a week I check my e-mail: *coughcoughnumbercoughcough*
Paintings I've completed: 1
People who've said that New Year's is coming up: 2
Times I've worn underarmour: 3
Unique visitors to this blog since september: 893
Minutes I've wasted writing this blog entry: 30

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading all of that. ha ha ha. *Laughs evilly*
Oh by the way, that whole library thing really really ticked me off. The lady basically told me I wasn't allowed to just go look at books. The only good thing about the whole situation was that I understood well everything she said.

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Mr. Faust said...

Nicely done! In a few well-chosen words, you've given a great picture of what your daily life is like.