Saturday, October 13, 2007

They Call Him Dima Bilan

So it's time for another one of my more interactive posts. I know how much you all enjoy them. Actually I don't really know, I'm just guessing. If I were you, I would enjoy them.

Watch the youtube video below. It's in English for your convenience since I know that 95% of you don't know Russian. (Actually the truth is that the song is in English, it's not really for your convenience.)Notice in particular the man singing. Also, you might want to notice his hairstyle. (it's a rather popular style here.)

Have you watched the video? THE WHOLE VIDEO? Good. Now do you know who this man is? And don't say Dima Bilan just because it's in the post title, or on the bottom of the video, or because he says it about five hundred times during the song. Do you actually know him. Like, have you heard of him? You haven't? Well that's a shock because everyone knows Dima Bilan.

If a Russian knows that you're foreign and you say you like Russian music, the first question you get asked is "Ты знаешь Дима Билан?" Which roughly translated means "Have you heard of the great and powerful Dima Bilan?" Actually it just means "Do you know Dima Bilan." The point is that if you say "nyet" you will get a lecture becaue Dima Bilan is probably the most famous singer in Russia right now. As I previously stated. Everyone knows Dima. The above music video has been number one on the MTV Russian countdown every week that I've been here. (Closely followed by the Song by Maxsim that I posted earlier) You can hear his songs on the radio, on commercials, you see his picture in girly magazines. Apparently they think he's attractive, personally I'm all for him getting a hair cut, and what's with that little half gotee thing? The magizine "yes" had a countdown of the one hundred hottest guys. It was a big poster. Do you who number one was? That guy from fallout boy. Followed by that guy who looks like a chick from the german band Tokio Hotel and then somebody else who I forget. Dima Bilan was number four. He beat out Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and basically almost every other typically "attractive" celebrity you can think of.

Comedians make fun of him. Actually I enjoyed watching the sketch I saw of comedians making fun of it because I understood it. I'm not going to try to describe it because I won't do as good of a job, and it's only funny if you've heard more than one of Dima Bilan's songs, but I about died laughing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that like the mobile provider МТС (That's em-tey-ess, not em-tee-see) Dima Bilan is kind of a Russian icon.

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Jenna said...

this post brings back bad memories. agh!