Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What I Love...

I think that my absolute favorite thing to do right now is wait for Russian to start. I know that sounds really odd but give me a moment to explain. Even with the long drive, the bus ride and the walk to Satterfield hall, I still arrive at my classroom about half an hour before class starts. There's a Spanish class that uses the room before we do and so the only thing to do is sit myself outside the door in a chair and work on homework. Homework isn't the only thing I acconplish however.

My classroom is on the third floor of SFH. Also on that floor are two labs for graduate students who are majoring in Modern and Classical Languages and Translation. I love to listen. I've heard Spanish, French, Russian. Maybe it sounds a little odd, but it's fun to sit there and listen. If no one walks past speaking something, I always have the spanish class. I think it's a Spanish I or II class because sometimes I can kind of understand what the teacher is saying. So I listen to that, I listen to the people who walk past, or sometimes who stop and have a conversation right in front of me and I think. Someday that'll be me. I can only hope that it'll be soon.

I found out something kind of depressing. I was going to work extra hard on my Spanish this year because our youth group was going to go work with orphans in Mexico next summer. However, I found out that we probably won't be going now. Which is really depressing because now I have to wait until I go to France before using my language skills.

Speaking of Spanish, we're going to start learning a past tense. In french, Tomorrow is our first day teaching the gifted students. Bell's going to ring, gotta go.

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