Thursday, October 27, 2005


I'm not feeling real well. J'ai le rhume. I think is how you say it in french, but I can't remember. Test in русский tomorrow. I was really nervous about it because of the locative cases of adjectives (see earlier post with that title) anywhoo, when we went over it again in class today, I realized that it makes perfect sense, in an odd kind of Russian way. So I'll do some studying today and then hopefully I'll do pretty well tomorrow.

While I'm on the subject of Russian, I'm looking forward to Wednesday's class. We're doing a mass review of everything we've learned so far and so weds. is a Review game day. I know it sounds kind of insane to be doing that in a college class but hopefully it'll be better than the usual torture of knowing Svetlana is going to call on you the one time you don't know the answer! (or maybe it'll be worse than usual)

I'm also excited because in French class tomorrow, we're having Le cercle Français which is French club. This means that we get to sit around for a whole period eating, drinking, and playing silly games. Wheee!

Nothing new with Spanish. Wait, I take that back. We always go over something but we go over it again...and again...and again...I think you get the picture.

Ah! one last thing about russian. The department of Modern and Classical Language Studies (MCLS) Put out a русски газета (russian newspaper) it's a little newspaper mostly in russian and everyone in russian class got a copy. I can't understand most of it but it's fun to pick out a few words that I do know. I'm hoping when the next issue comes out, I'll get a copy!

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