Friday, January 14, 2005

Afterschool Meeting

Five girls meet with Madame after school. She wants us all to take the National French Test as I think I've mentioned before. So we had our weekly meeting and Haley brought snacks. Boy she brought a bunch too! Chips and Italian ice, cookies too. French three had french club today so Madame had some stuffe called Buch de Noel. It was really good and she gave us all the recipe.

We learned about opposites today. Learned about a bunch of new words. I had to leave early and go to another meeting elswhere in the school. Now there are two other people reading Chair de Poule books.

When I walked into spanish today, I about passed out! It was so hot! I was wearing a hoodie too! ACK! Spanish usually isn't as exciting as French, but then my class is really slow. I joke that it's the LD spanish class. (No offence to anyone with a learning disability) It's made up of preps and guys who sit around and play Halo 2 all day. Mr. Shields gave us this worksheet that had English phrases we were supposed to translate. When I finished, no one else was done. So I amused myself by translating the sentences into French too! Man, I have no life!

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