Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What I Did Today En Français

Configuring electrons is fun! Alright, so just for fun I told my mom in french what I did when I got home from school today. Of course she didn't understand it and told me to "tell" her. Since she doesn't appreciate the fact that I can speak french, I have decided to post it here. So with out further ado...
Mon Après-Midi
Premier, j'ai couri. J'ai fait des animaux. J'ai nettoié mon bureau un peu. Finalement, j'ai joué du piano et J'ai fait mes devoirs.

So that was my afternoon. whoop de doo!

I just realized how much french I've been putting into this blog. Sorry but I know more french than anything else and I can't really Type sign language now can I? But I do have a sentence or two that I have retained for use if I ever travel to Spain.
Mi hermano es gordo y feo
Mi padre toca la guitarra.

That's all I've got.

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