Thursday, January 20, 2005


AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Okay, I feel much better now... Exams started today. They were supposed to start yesterday but didn't because of a snowday. Unfortunetly, the snow also cancelled Russian for the week. Jon-Michael and I were sad.

Took the Spanish exam today among others. It was pretty easy but I think I messed up on one part. Shields also showed us the test we took Tuesday. I got 36 out of 35. Whoop de doo! I don't take the French exam until next Tuesday. I'm going away with my youth group for the weekend. I can't wait.

One thing I've noticed since starting this blog; The french door is open more often. I think about all the language stuff and then I start thinking about french, then I start realizing that I know how to speak quite a bit of French. It's all rather exciting!

Did I mention that I watched the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast in French the other night? It was rather interesting. I was surprised at how much I actually understood.

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