Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Reviews:Books:Prends Garde Au Bonhomme De Neige

Prends Garde Au Bonhomme De Neige
By: R.L. Stine
Translated By: J. Lussier
Language: French

This is in the Chair de Poule series. In english, that is Goosebumps. I guess you could say that this the the first "real" book I've read in French. (I don't count those thin little 32 page books that Madame was giving me.)

This book was surprisingly good. It pulled me in and made me want to know what was going to happen next. I wanted to know why there were strange snowmen outside of each house in the little village, and why there was a strange man living on the mountain with a white wolf. Basically, this story is about a girl and her aunt who move from montreal to an unnamed little town where it snows all the time. The girl hears strange stories about a giant evil snowman who lives on the summet of the mountain. The story progresses from there.

Overall Fluency Rating: 3

**Special Note** When Madame gave me this book she told me it was hard. Personally I didn't find it hard but then I'm one of those types who reads all the time.

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