Friday, January 07, 2005


There are doors in my head. One door for each language I know. When I start speaking one of the languages, the door or sometimes I call it a drawer, Opens, and the language comes out. When I'm done, English sounds strange to me but eventually I go back to my dream-language. There is a lot behind my sign language door, and quite a bit behind the one labeled French. There isn't as much behind the Spanish door, and hardly anything behind Russian. It will come.

Today four other girls and I stayed after school for a french thing. Madame (our french teacher) wants us all to take this National French Test that is like a competition or something. I'm not real sure. But yeah, it was really fun, because we get to learn all this extra stuff. YAY! I eat language for breakfast!

I've been reading a Goosebumps book in French "Chair de poule" en français it's called "Prends Garde Au Bonhomme De Neige." It's a lot more interesting than some of the other books Madame has given me to read. (I beg books off of her.) It drove me nuts because there was this whole thing about this killer snowman and the main character of the book finally figured out why everyone was afraid to go to the Summet of the Mountain.

I think Madame was happy because when we were at the French Meeting, I told her how I liked the Goosebumps books. She said that was good and then asked if I understood them. I said "I don't understand some of the words, but I get the gist of it."

Alright. Mom will kill me if I don't go and get dinner so Au revoir, adios, De Sverdania for now.

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