Thursday, January 27, 2005

Russian (yay) Yesterday and English Teacher

So we had Russian after school yesterday. This week there were only four people as opposed to last time's 15. Ah well. We practeced writing the letters of the alphabet and we also practiced writing words to help us with our cursive. That's about it.

I have made an executive descision. I'm including English. I can't not include it anymore. (Yes, I know that's a double negative.) Here's why... My hobbie in English class is that whenever we have a test with short answers, I always pick the short answer where I can write an opinion. That way, I can say whatever I want and get points for it just so long as I support my answer. I keep doing it for one reason... Reaction. Mrs. McLaughlin always writes some rather interesting comments on my short answer answers. Today however, I got the best one of all, and I actually wrote something halfway decent. So here it is. The question is underlined, my answer is in regular font and her comment is in italics. Enjoy!

Do you think Bradbury is too pessimistic about technology? Support your opinion with details from [The Pedestrian] and from the real world.

No because I can see his point. In the story, it talks about how everyone sits at home watching something similar to television. No one does anything else. I can definitely see where he's coming from because one thing people in the real world like to do is sit around and watch T.V. More people watch T.V. than read. It's rather scary if you think about it.
Yes! Also scary is how they're in denial about it! Scarier-the books on the best-seller list are mostly garbage!

So there you have it. Personally, I found it all quite funny and so even though this is mostly experiences with foreign language, I have to talk about English just because of this. Whenever I get a new one, I'll post it and when I find the others that I did, I will post them too! whoo hoo! Cheap entertainment!

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