Friday, January 07, 2005


I should've started this a long time ago. Back when I first started to learn French. But, c'est la vie... (did I spell that right?)

I absolutly love languages. I think I always have I just didn't notice it until recently. When I was younger, My family would go to county-wide church functions. I always wanted to sit so I could see the interpreters for the Deaf. My mother told me, though I don't remember, that when I was really little my grandmother taught me a song in norwegian. My mother said that I was 'bi-lingual' in that song. That I would sing it in norweigan and then switch to English then back to norwegian. I think that's kind of cool and I wish I could still do it. Just for fun. Also when I was younger, I would read books about codes. I'd read other books too, just because I love to read but I remember one book in particular that had all kinds of ways to send secret messages. But enough sentiment.

I know uh...*counts on fingers* five languages? yeah. I don't claim to be multi-linguistic though. Not yet.

Fluent In:
Sign Language

Working on

Okay, I can say pretty much what I want in SL (Sign Language) I've been taking French for two consecutive school years and I've read several books, though nothing big like Notre Dame de Paris or anything like that. This is my first year taking Spanish, and my Spanish teacher also knows Russian and he's teaching a group of about 10 people Wednesday afternoons after school. We've had one lesson of that so far (we just started) It's great! Except that I pronounce the words with a french accent.

English is what I like to call my 'Dream-Language.' My uncle's mother was from Germany and she said she knew she was American when she dreamed in English. That's not the only reference I've heard to dreams and language, so I affectionetly call English my dream language or the language that I dream in. It is my 'native tongue' My goal is too dream in another language.

Okay. That's it for now. I have a lot more to say about things like Learning to Read, but It's 11:46PM and I've got to go to bed so I can go to school tomorrow. I had to write a report and that's the only reason I'm up.

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